I'll Pay You to Buy a New Home!

There are many advantages to buying new construction as opposed to a conventional re-sale home. 

First and foremost, everything is brand new.  New community, new neighbors, new yard and a new house.  New energy efficient appliances, new 13 SEER air conditioning system and a new electrical system, compliant with the latest code, that will save you money on electricity.
No leaky copper pipes or defective PVC in a new home.  All piping is the latest, safest material and connectors.  Water saving plumbing fixtures offer reduced water consumption and lower water bills. 
This is just a few of the many good reasons to buy a new home, but the best reason is - I'll pay you to buy a new home!
Here's how it works.  New home builders offer a commission to buyer agents as an incentive to show the builder's products to potential buyers.  The buyer agent registers his or her buyers with the new home sales representative at each new home sales center they visit.  Registration is required in order for the buyer agent to be eligible for the commission offer.
The commission is paid at closing to the cooperating broker (my broker) who, in turn, pays the buyer agent (that would be me). 
Once I receive my check, I'll have a check drawn, made payable to the buyer (that would be you), for 50% of the commission amount.  For example, a ten thousand dollar commission would pay you five thousand dollars.
If you're considering a new home, here's an opportunity to take advantage of a bona fide cash back offer. 
It's easy and uncomplicated so call me today!